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About Celonis

Celonis is a New York- and Munich-based enterprise software company that offers an Intelligent Business System based on the process mining technology it pioneered. As the market leader in process mining, Celonis helps organizations to rapidly understand and improve operational process flows for business transformation. Companies around the world including Siemens, GM, 3M, Airbus and Vodafone rely on Celonis technology to guide them in creating new, automated business processes that save millions of dollars while delighting their customers with improved experiences.

Learn from Siemens, the world's largest Process Mining user and recently nominated RPA pinnacle enterprise by Everest Group, how they use Process Mining to assess process maturity and current automation rates.

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Process Mining

Do you know how efficient your business processes run in reality?

Process mining uses AI and machine learning to extract existing data from an organization’s IT system and visually reconstruct how processes actually perform. It creates full transparency and enables you to drive efficiency, quality and productivity across your entire organization. 

Particularly for businesses undertaking digital trans-formation initiatives, process mining provides critical insights needed to bring existing processes into alignment and identify opportunities for process optimization.

Why Process Mining?

Learn more about Process Mining and why it might be the right solution for your organization in our article "Why Process Mining? – 5 Reasons to put it on your To-Do-List".

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What is Celonis Process Mining?